Why Hire a Mobile App Development Company Instead of Freelancers?


Why Hire a Mobile App Development Company Instead of Freelancers?

When you want to start your business or have an existing one and want to take it to the next level, you will do every possible means. Thus, one of the modern patterns mainly adopted by everyone is – application.

Now, the next question appears in your mind – who will build it? Thus, the development process of the mobile application is quite tricky and cannot be managed by a single person. You need a complete team with active knowledge of the market.

There is one more option you can go with while developing a mobile application – freelancer.

But most people choose mobile app developers over freelancers. Why? Well, let’s answer your question – Why should you hire a mobile app development company instead of a freelancer?

Why You Should Hire a Mobile App Development Company?

When you want to develop your mobile application, you are scaling your business. A handsome amount is spent by the business to bring a user-friendly and feature-rich application. So, if you want to make it a visually appealing one – you need an expert wing at your back.

So, here are the top 5 reasons that show why hiring a mobile app developer is the right decision over a freelancer:

Reason 1 – Eliminate Additional Operational Cost

Hiring a mobile app development company is comparatively lower in cost instead of hiring a freelancer. You have an expert wing at your back with clearly stated terms and conditions. Plus, your work will be completed within the defined time limit. Also, when you hire a company you work with an experienced team of mobile app developers, who are aware of the complexities in the application development process.

Also, there are a few more benefits – reduction in project risk variables and lower cost of damage. Also, mobile app developers are well versed with recent trends and suggest the best that will multiply your investment.

Reason 2 – Easy to Communicate

When hiring a company for mobile app development, they have a team of highly professional and experienced people who are easy to communicate which works as a major and most important factor while developing an application.

Mobile applications are complex and require clear communication between both parties. Hence, a central communication point eliminates multiple communication sources and keeps both parties on the same page.

The company will make your journey easy from strategy development, building wireframes, handling and managing prototyping, and guess what the results will look like the same you asked for.

A team of people is all set to answer your queries which is hard to find in freelancing. Freelancers belong to different regions and is hard to communicate as per the time sync. Also, you might have a language barrier.

Reason 3 – Resource Available in a Single Place

A professional mobile app development company has more resources than a freelancer has. Some freelancers find it hard to manage the UI/UX of the application and sometimes, it becomes hard for them to work on native application development. Thus, here you need a complete power pack team who can work for you and solve all your issues in just a light.

However, an agency performs all of those functions and more under one roof. Because multiple people will be working on your project at once, they can also get your app to market faster than a freelancer.

Also, agencies have the resources to give their staff the best tools and software available, which improves the quality of the finished product. On the other hand, a freelancer might only have limited ones which make your work process slow.

Reason 4 – Under One Roof Services

Everything you require is found in a custom software development company. You need a project manager, cross-platform app development for iOS and Android, web and mobile UI/UX design, quality assurance personnel, mobile app testing, and other services – a mobile app development company offers all things under one roof and in a single arena.

They will assist you in conducting a competitive analysis to make sure there is a market need for your app. Companies also help with post-launch support and app strategy meetings.

These kinds of services could be better for a freelance developer to compete with. To finish projects, you’ll eventually need to hire several freelancers. Making them work together will be a hard tip for you because they hardly know each other and never worked together.

Reason 5 – Scalability and Support

Seek a mobile app development company that offers more than just development services. Your work is not done even after delivering the application.

Even after your app has been downloaded on thousands of smartphones, you still need to think about post-launch maintenance, app updates, bug fixes, and all the other things that are needed to take it to the next level.

What if you want to add some more new features to your application, you need a dedicated team that knows it from scratch. Hence, here a mobile app development team from a company will help you out.

Also, building an app is just one factor and you need support at every end even after it is tested. The mobile app development company knows all the factors like how to publish an application, whereas freelancers will only create applications but will not help you further. For further research about top app development companies in usa you can check this blog.

Wrap Up

Now we made it clear why hiring mobile app developers is crucial for your next project instead of going with the freelancers. You spend a lot of time thinking about an idea and you need exclusive support to put it in front of the real world.

So, once you have finalized the idea, have a budget and finance, just come to the professionals – Octal IT Solutions. We have a leading scientist in mobile application development who turned your idea into something unique with the most desired features and functionality.

So, take your first step now with us.


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