Electronic Art

What exactly is electronic art?

Electronic Art

What exactly is electronic art?

There is no one definition for electronic art. It is generated in a range of mediums, with the electronic part interpreted in a variety of ways, such as closed camera feedback, digital beginnings, digital processing, robotics, electronic devices controlled by human movement, and other sorts of technology. Much of it encourages or even requires participant participation.

Creations in virtual reality systems, such as Second Life®, are one type of electronic art. Second Life® is a digital environment in which individuals interact via the use of a digital identity known as an avatar. A work made for and utilized in Second Life® is both generated and delivered digitally. When utilized in the Second Life® environment, other users may meet, chat with, and engage with the avatar, making the work an interactive form of electronic art. Avatars in this and other virtual worlds are made by individuals all over the globe who can interact with each other despite vast distances.

Another example of electronic art is electronic music. There are many different sorts of electronic music, but one style is generated with an electronic instrument called the theremin. The theremin is played by interacting with the instrument with hand motions and manipulating pitch and loudness by varying the electromagnetic fields of two antennas. Lev Theremin devised it in the 1920s in the Soviet Union, and it was further developed for many years after that.

Eduardo Kac and his colleagues from the Departments of Horticultural Science and Plant Biology at the University of Minnesota, St. Paul, received one award in the Prix Ars Electronica — an international electronic arts competition — in 2009. Kac won the Hybrid Art prize for his piece “Natural History of the Enigma,” in which he transplanted a gene from his own DNA into a petunia, resulting in an “Edunia,” which is accompanied by a sculpture, pictures, and a print suite. The electronics come into play, for example, in the utilization of 3D imaging in the conception of the sculpture based on the proteins and molecules of the flower.

Television broadcasts, podcasts, videos, movies using CGI (computer-generated imagery) or other computer effects, and other kinds of art might all be considered electronic art. Another participatory type of electronic art is online video games. New types of electronic art are almost certain to emerge in the future.



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