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Best paid survey sites in India

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Best paid survey sites in India

Are you looking for an online survey site that can help you make quick money surveying in India from home? If so, check out the best survey sites below. All you have to do is visit this site and register to start earning from paid surveys right now & Earn money survey India.

Some of the best survey sites include:

Most individuals like Prize rebel because of the quick surveys. This website provides participants with many short surveys that take very little time to complete, helping you earn a decent amount of money.
They have a $5 Amazon Gift Card minimum payout. They also pay participants via Paypal, Bitcoin or direct cash to their bank account. In addition, participants can also earn a referral bonus if they invite more members.

Toluna India

Toluna India has a significant number of surveys available. If you are looking for the best survey app to make money in India, this is an excellent choice as it is very user friendly. Not only that, this app also has a community where you can create your own content and vote for other communities’ content. You can earn by upvoting other people’s content, and if you are able to create engaging content, you can earn by doing it too.

OpinionWorld India

OpinionWorld has a special survey site for India. It’s straight forward to use and once you’ve signed up, it’s no longer a problem to check in frequently as you’ll receive email invitations whenever a new survey is available. While this site may not give you surveys every day, it still has a decent amount and is a real and legit site to join if you live in India. The payout level on this site is around $5. This site can also pay you via gift cards.

Hi Dollars

Hi, Dollars can be a perfect choice if you are looking for a website that will help you earn a reasonable new cryptocurrency with great potential. You can earn one free dollar a day by answering a question that takes at least a minute to answer. You can also earn extra money by inviting your family members and friends to join. However, you need to be aware after the first week because you have to deposit a small amount of crypto to continue getting free daily coins.

Valuable opinions

Valuable Opinions is another very easy to use and excellent survey site with a specific online survey site for India. All you have to do is sign up and you will receive email invitations for paid surveys.
You may also see surveys offered inside the members area – maybe not right away, so check back often. Sometimes you can also find better studies or focus groups to join to make extra money. Moreover, you can earn up to ₹150 per survey. However, not all surveys will pay this amount. The payout limit is relatively low as you can get when you earn ₹900. You can get gift cards for apps like Amazon. and Flipkart.

I feel

Sense, known as ClixSens, is an overall excellent survey site. It allows you to earn money by taking surveys, encouraging friends to join, accepting offers and getting a bonus for regular activity. There is a reasonable amount of surveys for people living in India. Still, while there may be few surveys available for users, it has various other great options. The number 8 tasks in particular can help you earn decent money if you are consistent and build confidence to get more and better paying jobs.
iSense also offers some incredible bonuses for Figure 8 tasks, as you get an extra $5 every time you successfully earn $50 on features. In addition, there is a weekly task contest where you can earn up to $50, and ySense is generally very simple. You can get paid in cash via Payoneer, Skrill, PayPal or get Amazon gift cards.


This site is not one of the sites with the highest number of opportunities, but the chances that the site offers are quite decent. Triaba also has a specific place for India. You can earn money just by taking surveys, which makes this site quite easy.
You will receive an email once the survey has been submitted to you. You may not get as many surveys as other sites but it is still worth signing up as it provides a reasonable rate. Once you earn as little as ₹350, you can get paid via PayPal.


Surveyeah is another very beneficial survey site with its survey panel in India. It is user friendly and does not require much effort to be a member. However, this site may not offer you many surveys. Therefore, if you are joining this site, please register in other places to get lots of opportunities. You can get your money through Amazon gift cards, PayPal, Skrill or Western Union. Payout starts at $10.Exploration time
Survey time is an accessible and useful survey site and you can find an incredible amount of paid online surveys for India. Many of these surveys offer great rewards for your time compared to other survey apps and sites.

Once you join, you must complete a brief profile survey. Once you’ve done this, you’ll gain access to a pool of available surveys. This will help you figure out how long each survey will take. All surveys offer $1 and after completing the study you will receive the money in your PayPal account within minutes.


Pee2Profit is a site that allows you to earn passively if you live in India, either by doing surveys or doing other online tasks. Just install it on your device (or devices) and earn money sharing your new internet. Although it may not offer you high earnings, it requires minimal effort and time.



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