SimCoLab is a motley crew of developers, engineers, artists, librarians, and educators building a community workshop in downtown Barrie. Many of our members are interested in wearable and sewable electronics. We would like to propose an outdoor interactive activity that incorporates these devices.

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 9.33.58 PM mitten_001

LIGHT UP DRESS UP is a wearable technology showcase. Visitors will be invited to try on garments and accessories that have been peppered with electronic components. Lights, vibrating motors, conductive fabric and battery packs will be embedded in wearable items.

– High-Five Gloves: When the wearer high fives another participant, their gloves light up.
– Technomancer Digital Wizard Hoodie: An accelerometer in the sleeve controls 30 LEDs in the sleeves and hood, changing the pulse speed and colour of the lights.
– Invisible Treasure Hunt: When the wearer approaches a certain location, lights and motors on the garment respond in different ways.

Brainstorming section!
Ideas that could be incorporated:

Variation on nudgeables – paired devices to signal other people via XBee radios.

Scavenger hunt using RFIDs – go to each location, collect points?

GPS-based activity – As you get closer to an invisible target, something changes (light blinks faster, more lights, vibrations, etc.)

Makey-Makey based activity – This is where we would have conductive materials and trigger something on the computer when they’re touched (music samples, video playback, etc.)
Related to above, this might be worth doing:

Twinkling, light up clothing in general. Good example is this north pointing skirt:

Don’t want to commit people to huge activity, fun to try something quick.

High five gloves: