Vertigo: Personal Farming Kit

is it legal to buy orlistat online Jon Grootveld – Founder How this business help others?

Our business will help people with their health. Since we do not have to transport our produce far distances, the product stays fresh and packs more nutrients. We make healthy food EASILY accesable for people who live in cities / towns where they are not provided local food year round. Consumers can trust where and when their food was harvested and trust the consistent quality which we will provide each week. For restaurant owners/chefs, their biggest problem was the fluctuating food prices from food coming from arizona & California. Our product is grown indoors, out of the way of dangerous weather and we also use 90% less water than regular farming so there is a large decrease in crop failures.

The PVK is a DIY kit for personalize, but can also be great for education for kids, making way for a new generation of farmers.

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