We are cloning and improving a vending machine that was first created in the US for Dash.org but this time for use in here Barrie, Ontario in collaboration with the Dash Community, SImCoLab and The Creative Space..

no prescription robaxin buy THE DASH’N’DRINK machine was one of the first in the world created to accept cryptocurrency and the first to have  http://pettypool.org/ranger-den InstantSend technology which allows for instant transactions, unlike Bitcoin or other currencies that take 10 minutes or more to confirm.

Our goals are to use this platform…

  1. to nurture high tech ideas to create employment opportunities within Ontario
  2. to encourage science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers for our youth and the youthful at heart
  3. to popularize cryptocurrencies and stimulate public awareness of the business possibilities within the space
  4. to promote local and worldwide entrepreneurship in this new realm of technology
  5. to create a free, open source educational/instruction kit for science clubs and makerspaces
  6. to ignite the imaginative spirit geared towards next generation tech
  7. to help develop Barrie as a hub for Fintech

This is a non profit venture to try and achieve any one or all of these goals.

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