can you buy robaxin over the counter We’ve been chatting for a while about opening up the space for repair opportunities.  Our culture is so used to BUY-BREAK-THROW AWAY-BUY, etc… It’s time to redefine our relationship with our stuff!

cheap Robaxin SimCoLab in Barrie is looking for your broken electronic items that you want repaired! We charge by the hour or flat rate or you can come out and have it fixed by yourself for $10.00 using our tools.

We are experienced in building and repairing, 3D printers, cutter plotter, arduino, lego mindstorm, c code, python, Raspberry pie, any electronic and computer repairs, CnC, solar panel installation sizing or design, mechanical engineering, osilloscope work, vac, etc.

Come out with your project on Tuesday night and challenge us to get your projects done! A safe learning environment with mutual respect. All ages, anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Fill in the form below or call the Lab – Brian 6474592150

NOTE: no phones, no unlocking and computer repair.